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Project description

"Whenever John Bidlake saw something unpleasant, he always felt safer if he could touch wood." — Aldous Huxley
Well, maybe it's not gonna work for you but ordering the handmade furniture from the Woodluck will bring you a custom solution for your needs, where only the finest materials are used. No matter what the complexity is, if one can imagine this being made from wood — they will handle it.

Creation of a visual identification and a company website for a craftsman company requires a deep understanding of the underlying processes and the client's love of his work. We've decided to reflect the philosophy of the company through examples of their work and the photos of the work process. Research showed that the prospective client's widely use mobile platforms to search for the new furniture so the decision were to make the responsive website. Currently this website is airing but we still got a work to do, we are responsible for SEO and Digital Marketing.

Agency resume

Team: Denys Boiko & Vlad Akimenko
We've done:
  • SEO
We've used:
  • Bootstrap

Enough words

Just take a look at this project live.
No words or images can explain our work better then the final product.

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