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Coincosm - Website & WebApp

Project description

It was quite a long time ago, Coinbase just started to operate and the vast majority of people were using archaic desktop wallet Multibit. Main barrier for the wide spread of Bitcoin use in the masses were the complexity of entering this ecosystem. There were no web resources that would've combined the possibility to easy buy, manage & store Bitcoins. Coincosm was going to solve this problem once and for all.

Client's main requirement were to create a user-friendly and clear UI/UX that will allow newcomers to understand the ease and convenience of cryptocurrencies usage. The resource was positioned as a first step of client integration into Bitcoin world. We've researched all the existing wallets and interfaces of Bitcoins Exchanges to create a product that was highly evaluated by the audience.

Agency resume

Team: Denys Boiko & Vlad Akimenko
We've done:
We've used:
  • Node.js
  • Redis
  • Express
  • Bitcoind
  • Backbone.js

Enough words

Just take a look at this project live.
No words or images can explain our work better then the final product.

Granular View

  • Coincosm Send Page
  • Coincosm Request Page
  • Coincosm Import Page
  • Coincosm Transactions Page
  • Coincosm Addresses Page

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