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Some story

We are a full-cycle Web Agency located in Toronto, Ontario. Our story started at the beginning of 2014 when we found out that we could do some pretty cool things together. Since that time we've been working together on the freelance projects while finishing our university degrees. Now we are "worthy members of society" and we are ready to finally work for ourselves.

Meet The Team

In the blocks beyond you can see the links for our social profiles, feel free to explore and to connect, we are always happy to meet new people.

Vlad Akimenko



I'm always passionate about what I'm doing. Design and programming have been my hobbies ever since junior high. I've got 5 years of freelancing and studio work experience as a Web Designer/Developer & Visual Designer under my belt.

Denys Boiko



I'm very critical what we do at DCETA so that only the best solutions are delivered to our clients. I'm passionate about design, typography, and beautiful coding. I've worked as a Freelance Web Designer/Developer for about 4 years.

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